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Network Security: Cisco 3750G Redundancy
Aug 18 , 2022 1633

Status: The network room gateway is a separate cisco 3750G switch. Once the physical device has problems, the entire network will be at risk.


First, Cisco 3750G stacking solution

The stacking technology uses a 32G bandwidth stacking cable provided by Cisco to connect several cisco3750G switches in series to implement unified management of several switches. One of them is the master and the rest is the slave. Once the master has problems, the remaining switches. Will re-elect a master. This solves the problem of the network that when the switch has problems during use.


The specific steps are as follows:

1. Update the new ios of cisco3750G to make it consistent with the ios version of the original cisco3750G.

  • Copy flash:/

  • Boot system flash:/ c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE.bin

2. Empty the new 3750 configuration, and make initial configuration.

  • Erase startup-configure

  • Delete flash:/vlan.dat

  • Switch 1 renumber 2

3. Backup the original cisco 3750G configuration

4. The original cisco 3750G priority is increased

  • Switch 1 priority 9

5. Connect the original cisco 3750G and the new cisco3750G through two stacking lines.

6. The new 3750G is connected to the power supply

7. Check if the stacking status is normal.

Show switch

  • Second, the hot backup router protocol (HSRP)

  • SW1(config)#interface vlan 10

  • SW1(config-if)#standby 10 ip

  • SW1(config-if)#standby 10 preempt

  • SW1(config-if)#standby 10 priority 200

  • ----------

  • SW2(config)#interface vlan 10

  • SW2(config-if)#standby 10 ip

  • SW2(config-if)#standby 10 preempt

Third, the comparison of the two methods

  1. Stacking technology solves the redundancy problem of physical equipment on the one hand, and solves the problem of insufficient scalability of cisco3750G on the other hand, and provides a unified management platform.

  2. HSRP solves the redundancy problem of physical equipment on the one hand, and can share the traffic and pressure on the other hand.

Note: When the switch pressure is not large or the cisco3750G device is more than two, the redundancy is recommended.

The above are two ways to achieve redundancy for the Cisco 3750G switch. If you have any questions or other suggestions, please contact our online customer service.

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