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6 Modes of Cisco Routers You Should Know
Aug 17 , 2022 1383

The Cisco router is the world's leading router brand. It contains 6 modes:Normal mode,Privilege mode, Global mode, Port mode, Line mode and Routing engine mode. Let's describe how to enter and exit these modes.

How to Get into Normal mode

The router is in the user command state. At this time, the user can see the connection status of the router, access other networks and hosts, but cannot see and change the settings of the router.


How to enter Privilege mode

Type enable at the router> prompt, the router enters the privileged command state router#, and the router is in privileged mode.
Privileged mode, which can execute all user commands, as well as see and change the settings of the router.

How to access Global mode

At the router# prompt, type configure terminal and the prompt router(config)# appears, at which point the router is in global mode.
Global mode, you can set the global parameters of the router.


How to enter Port mode

Type interface e0/0 at the router# prompt and the prompt Router(config-if)# appears. The router is in port mode.
Port mode is the configuration of the router port.

How to access Line mode

Type line console 0 at the router(config)# prompt and the prompt Router(config-line)# appears. The router is in line mode.

How to get into Routing engine mode

At the router(config)# prompt, type router rip and the prompt Router(config-router)# appears. The router is in the routing engine mode.


How to exit Cisco Router modes

The exit command is to return to the previous operating mode.
The end command is directly returned to privileged mode.

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