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How do I step through the configuration of the Cisco 2960 switch?
May 27 , 2024 476

The Cisco 2960 series switches are high-performance, cost-effective access layer switches designed by Cisco for small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices. With its superior performance and rich feature set, the Cisco 2960 series is an ideal choice for many network deployments.

cisco 2960 switch.png

The Cisco 2960 series switches feature high throughput, low latency, high reliability, high scalability, intelligent management, and POE functionality, and are widely used in scenarios such as small and medium-sized enterprises, educational institutions, branch offices, and medical environments.

The following are detailed configuration steps for the Cisco 2960 series switches:

1. Hardware connection

Connect the Cisco 2960 Series switch to a power source and boot up.

Use a console cable (RJ-45 to RS-232) to connect the PC to the console port of the switch.

Ensure that terminal emulation software, such as PuTTY or Tera Term, is installed on the PC.

2. Software preparation

Download and install the terminal emulation software.

Set the connection parameters of the terminal emulation software: baud rate 9600, data bit 8, no parity, stop bit 1, no flow control.

3. Enter the initial configuration mode of the Cisco 2960 series switch

Start the terminal emulation software and open the connection to the switch.

Basic Configuration

Introduction to switch modes:


user mode


Access to Privileged Mode


privileged mode

switch#config terminal

Entering Configuration Mode


Configuration Mode

Enter the command to enter global configuration mode:

Switch> enable

Switch# configure terminal


1. Set the switch name:


Switch(config)#hostname CISCO

2. Setting the enable password


CISCO(config)#enable secret 123456

3. Setting switch time


CISCO#clock set 10:00:00 22 May 2024

4. Setting up vlanCISCO(config)#vlan 10

CISCO(config-vlan)#name guanli Setting the vlan name


5. set the ip address of the vlan and the gateway

CISCO(config)#int vlan 10

CISCO(config-if)#ip address

6. Configuring telnet remote login

CISCO(config)#line vty 0 4


CISCO(config-line)#password 123456





7. Configure the switch port mode


CISCO(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/1

CISCO(config-if)#switchport mode access


CISCO(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/1

CISCO(config-if)#switchport mode trunk

8. Configure the STP protocol

CISCO(config)#spanning-tree vlan 10


9. Save switch configuration

CISCO#copy running-config startup-config

The following commands can be used to query the main information about the switch

1.switch#show version View all version information on your system

2 switch#show ip int b View the status of each interface

3 switch#show  vlan int b View all vlan information for the switch

4 switch#show running-configure To view the configuration information currently functioning on the switch

5 switch#show int f0/0  To view information about a specified port

The show command cannot be used in configuration mode; if you want to use it, you must add do and a space before show.

Example: do show ip int b

Verifying the Configuration of a Cisco 2960 Series Switch

Verify IP address and interface status

MySwitch# show ip interface brief

Verify VLAN Configuration

MySwitch# show vlan brief

Verify Routing Configuration

MySwitch# show ip route

Verify SSH Configuration

MySwitch# show ip ssh

Further Configuration of the Cisco 2960 Series Switch

Depending on the network requirements, you can also make more advanced configurations such as:

Configure inter-VLAN routing.

Configure STP (Spanning Tree Protocol).

Configure port security.

Configure QoS (Quality of Service).

These are the basic steps to configure a Cisco 2960 series switch. We can use these steps to set the basic network parameters of the 9. Cisco 2960 series switches and ensure that the switches can work properly and be managed remotely via SSH. We can also further adjust and optimize the configuration of the switch according to the actual situation and the specific needs of the network.

The Cisco 2960 series switches are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices due to their high performance, versatility and reliability. Compared to similar products from other brands, the Cisco 2960 offers significant advantages in management features, security, and brand support, helping organizations build efficient and stable network infrastructures. Whether for network deployment or expansion, the Cisco 2960 switch is a trusted device.

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