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How to batch configure Huawei switches? (with configuration steps)
Apr 20 , 2024 790

As a key device in the network, the switch undertakes important tasks such as data exchange, connection management, and performance optimization. It can not only provide high-speed and stable data transmission services, but also support the flexible configuration and management of the network and guarantee the security and reliability of the network. In modern network architecture, switches have become the infrastructure for building various types of networks.


In data center networks, switches can be used to connect servers, storage devices and network devices to build high-performance, highly available data center network architecture; in internal enterprise networks, switches can be used to connect various devices such as computers, servers, printers, etc., to achieve internal communication and data transmission; in campus networks, switches are also used to connect various network nodes, such as teaching buildings, laboratories and libraries, to provide high-speed and stable network services; in cloud computing environments, switches also play a key role in building virtual networks, connecting virtual machines, containers, etc., to achieve efficient use and management of cloud resources. In campus networks, switches are also used to connect various network nodes such as teaching buildings, laboratories, libraries, etc. to provide high-speed and stable network services; in cloud computing environments, switches also play a key role in constructing virtual networks, connecting virtual machines, containers, etc., to realize the efficient utilization and management of resources in the cloud.

Since the switch is so important, I believe that many friends in the same industry have been familiar with the configuration of the switch. However, when we need to deploy a large network, the need to equip the switch may be as many as dozens or hundreds of manual configuration of each switch will be very time-consuming and error prone to a thing, which will need to be used to batch configuration to reduce our workload, to ensure that our degree of accuracy.


The following is the Huawei switch batch configuration commands prepared by Linknewnet’s engineers, and friends who need it should collect the spare.

Huawei switch configuration port group function, you can quickly complete multiple interface batch configuration, reduce the duplication of configuration work. Its specific configuration is as follows: 

1. permanent port group. join GE1/0/1 through GE1/0/8;

<VODE-Switch> system-view 

[VODE-Switch] port-group test //named

[VODE-Switch-port-group-test] group-member gigabitethernet 1/0/1 to gigabitethernet 1/0/8 

2. temporary port group, join GE1/0/9 to GE1/0/15;

<VODE-Switch> system-view

[VODE-Switch] port-group group-member gigabitethernet 1/0/9 to gigabitethernet 1/0/15 

3. temporary port group, add GE1/0/16 to GE1/0/20 (use the interface range command, supported only by V200R003C00 and later releases).

<VODE-Switch> system-view

[VODE-Switch] interface range gigabitethernet 1/0/16 to gigabitethernet 1/0/20 

After joining a temporary port group, the temporary port group will be automatically deleted by the system once you exit the port group view.

After joining a permanent port group, even if you exit the port group view, the port group and the corresponding port members still exist, which is convenient for the next bulk configuration. If you want to delete a permanent port group, you need to execute the command undo port-group { all | port-group-name } to delete the permanent port group.

In summary, bulk switch configuration is a very useful tool when a large number of switches need to be configured quickly, consistently, and reliably to improve the efficiency and manageability of network management. If the enterprise is not equipped with relevant professional configuration personnel, you can consider choosing a professional third-party IT maintenance organization for assistance, such as NetDirect Communications. Choosing a professional and reliable third-party maintenance organization can help enterprises quickly solve related problems, spend time and energy on the main business aspects, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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