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How to stack Cisco 3750 Series Switches
Dec 07 , 2022 1080



Stackwise Technology, an innovative stacking architecture, is used on Cisco 3750 Series switches to provide 32Gbps stacking interconnect. It can connect up to 9 switches and turn them into a unified, logical and convergence-optimized device so that users can deploy voice, video and data application comfortably. Cisco 3750 series switches adopt the way of backplane bandwidth stack, and the models themselves have stacking ports and can reach 32G backplane bandwidth by using specific stacking lines. After being stacked, the models, logically, belong to one device.

Therefore, if you want to set these stackable switches up, you only need to connect with one of them, then you can see other device in the stacking mode. You’re suggested to know that 3750 series models need a dedicated stacking cable for stacking, and the product comes with a 0.5-meter stacking cable in the package. Let's take a look at how stacking technology works.

First, basic requirements

IOS version should be the same(better to be same), stacking modules and cables. Maximum quantity of stacking models is nine.

Second, advantages of stacking

They have high density of ports, and are easy to manage. The configuration shows they’re one switch, but with different slot numbers

Third, stacking process

1) Connect the stacking cables. Connect the stack1 of mater model with the stack 2 of slave models.

2) Open master model, without setting any configuration.

3) Waiting until master models fully booted, open slave model.

4) Don’t do any configuration. When the stacking cables are plugged in, they will automatically stack and select when they’re turned on. The one with the master lighting up is the master model. 

Notes: stacking configuration can be done first, such as setting IP address, or priority etc.

Taking stacking 2 pcs of ws-c3750e-48td as an example:

Switch(config)# switch 1 provision ws-c3750e-48td

Switch(config)# switch 2 provision ws-c3750e-48td

Switch(config)# stack-mac persistent timer 5

Fourth, checking the stacking condition

show platform stack-manager all

show switch

show switch 1

show switch detail

show switch neighbors

show switch stack-ports

Fifth, Precautions

1. The models used in stacking mode cannot be same, but they should have the same IOS version.

2. It is best to operate with power off, but it is also possible to operate with power on

3. 3750 series models cannot be stacked with 3550 series models.


Advantages of Cisco Switch Cluster Configuration

1. Breaking through the limitation of traditional stacking technology that cannot go beyond a single wiring room

2. No longer limited to special non-standard stacking hardware or cables. And Clusters can be created from a variety of physical media, such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Cisco GigaStack, Fast EtherChannel, or Gigabit EtherChannel.

3. Up to 16 pcs can be interconnected, and geographically separated switches can be managed by single IP address (up to 384 ports)

4. Perfectly compatible with Catalyst 3750、Catalyst 3650 、Catalyst 3550、Catalyst 2970、Catalyst 2960 、Catalyst 2955、 Catalyst 2950、 Catalyst 2950 LRE、Catalyst 2940、 Catalyst 3500 XL 、Catalyst 2900 XL 、Catalyst 2900 XL、 Catalyst 1900 and 2820 standard or enterprise switches.

5. Basing on WEB Cisco Visual Switch Manager interface can configure and manage all switches in the cluster.

Command switch: configure a switch with an IP address as the network management portal

Member switch: a switch without an IP address that listens and responds to inquiries from the command switch

Command software is preinstalled on all Catalyst 3500 and above series switches

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