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SMB Switch: Access Switch vs Aggregation Switch vs Core Switch
Aug 16 , 2022 2930

There are so many kinds of switches in the market, which one should we buy? For most companies, they only need to buy SMB Switches. How do I choose the right SMB Switches? Below is the comparison among access switch, aggregation switch and core switch.


What is SMB Switch?

SMB switch is the small business switch, it always used in the small and medium-sized company. This switch is relative to some large, high-end switches. SMB switches support common Layer 2 protocols, but the performance and number of interfaces are weak.

Access switches, aggregation switches and core switches are another classification method.
In the data center or enterprise network planning, the network is hierarchical, divided into the access layer, aggregation layer, and the core layer. The switches placed in these three layers correspond to access switches, aggregation switches, and core switches.


Hardware comparison:

In general, access switches are boxed devices (do TOR), but also boxed (such as EOR). Box switches are small in size, have few interfaces, and are not scalable.

The aggregation switch is both frame-sized, large in size, and has a large number of interfaces. Different boards can be inserted to meet different requirements and the scalability is better.
Performance, you can think of Core Switch > Aggregation Switch > Access Switch


Functional comparison:

The access switch is used to access the terminal. The aggregation switch is used to aggregate the access switch. The core switch is used to aggregate the aggregation switch and is also responsible for connecting to the Internet.


Software comparison:

All of them support basic Layer 2 protocols. Then, depending on the needs, the three switches may need to additionally support different protocols.

For example, the core switch may also support Layer 3 functions and the TRILL protocol. The aggregation switch may also support FCoE and DCB. The access switch supports the 802.1Qbg and 802.1BR protocols.

When you buy the SMB switch for your company, you should choose the most suitable switch according to the actual needs, or you may waste some money.

If don’t know which model Cisco switch to buy, please feel free to contact us, our Linknewnet.com customer service will help you choose the best switch for you with the affordable price.

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