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What are the differences between Huawei S12700 series switches and Huawei S9700 series switches?
Jun 29 , 2024 98

The Huawei S12700 series switch is a high-performance core switch from Huawei designed for large enterprise and campus networks, aiming to provide excellent network performance, high reliability and comprehensive security. To help organizations choose the right switch, today we focus on the differences between the Huawei S12700 series and the Huawei S9700 series.

HuaweiS12700 VS S9700.png

Huawei's S12700 series switches utilize advanced hardware architecture and software technology to meet the high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high-security needs of current and future networks. It offers a variety of advantages, including excellent performance, high reliability, comprehensive security, intelligent operation and maintenance, and high scalability.

In terms of hardware devices, Huawei's S12700 series switches utilize leading hardware architectures and high-performance processors to provide ultra-high switching capacity and data forwarding performance for the network, and can easily handle large-scale data traffic and complex network environments.

In terms of redundancy design, it is equipped with multiple redundancy designs, including power supply redundancy, fan redundancy and main control board redundancy, which can ensure the stable operation of the equipment in various situations.

In terms of security, Huawei's S12700 series switches have a variety of built-in security features, including firewalls, intrusion detection and defense, user authentication, and access control, to effectively defend against various network threats and protect network data. In addition, it supports the implementation of encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of data transmission.

In terms of intelligent operation and maintenance, Huawei's S12700 series switches support intelligent operation and automated management, and their built-in intelligent analysis tools can monitor the network status in real time, quickly locate and solve problems, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and significantly reduce the complexity and cost of network operation and maintenance.

In addition to the above features, Huawei S12700 series switches also have powerful expansion capabilities, supporting a variety of interface modules and expansion slots. Whether it is for current network deployment or future network upgrades, Huawei's S12700 series switches are able to flexibly cope with them to ensure the network's continuous development and evolution needs.

In contrast, although Huawei S9700 series also has excellent performance, high reliability, comprehensive security, intelligent operation and maintenance, high scalability and many other advantageous features, compared with Huawei S12700 series switches, no matter whether it is a hardware device or performance characteristics are slightly worse.

If we look at the product positioning and application scenarios, the S12700 series can be regarded as an upgrade and extension of the S9700 series. From the following chart, we will learn the specific differences between the two in detail:


Huawei S12700 Serie

Huawei S9700 Series

Performance and Hardwar

Utilizing a more advanced hardware architecture that supports higher switching capacity and greater port density, capable of handling higher traffic volumes and more concurrent connections

Although they are also high-performance core switches, they are slightly lower in performance and hardware design than the S12700 series.

Functions and features

It supports more advanced features such as virtualization, flexible traffic scheduling, stronger security features, and higher network programmability. It adopts Huawei's VRP (Versatile Routing Platform) operating system, which supports richer network protocols and greater scalability.

Relatively full-featured, but not as good as the S12700 series in terms of some advanced features and programmability.

Software core protocol support

It supports Huawei's latest software features and network protocols, enabling it to better adapt to future network development needs. It also supports modern network technologies such as SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Software and protocol support is equally strong, but falls slightly short of the S12700 series, especially when it comes to some of the latest network technical support.

Extensibility and future support

As Huawei's latest core switch products, the S12700 series has more advantages in terms of scalability and future support, and Huawei will provide longer support and more software updates in the future.

While still a strong core switch line, as an older series, future support and updates may be gradually reduced.

Overall, Huawei's S12700 series offers significant improvements in performance, intelligent operation and maintenance, security, scalability, new technical support, and energy efficiency compared to the S9700 series, and is better able to meet the network needs of modern enterprises for high performance, high reliability, and high security.These improvements in the S12700 series make it an ideal choice for large enterprises and campus networks, providing a better support for the network's future development with stronger support.

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